Monday, February 15, 2010


Mirë se vini (welcome) to my blog! I owe a sincere thank you to all my incredible family and friends for encouraging me to pursue my life’s goal of serving as a Peace Corps volunteer. There have been instances where I questioned the feasibility of taking 27 months off of my career path to volunteer or worried about leaving those I love for such a duration. Fortunately, steadfast encouragement and inspiration from family and friends have solidified my passion of service, learning, and opportunity.

As you know, I will embark on a highly anticipated journey to Albania (Shqipëria) in one month. I am excited to endure all the challenges, opportunities, and experiences that await me. When I first started dreaming of the Peace Corps, I had the unrealistic idea that by serving I would be able to change the world. I have grown up a bit since those high school day dreams and now approach my impending service as a chance to experience small successes. I feel lucky to be pursing this experience as part of my graduate education and I fully intend to utilize the academic lessons, personal experiences, and high self-standards to be the best I can personally be in my role as a Community Health Educator.

I came across the definition for “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” - atoning for educability through delicate beauty. I feel this definition is applicable to experiences I will have in Peace Corps. Of the returned volunteers I have encountered, they all say their service was one of the best experiences of their lives. It is anticipated I will conclude my 27 months by having learned valuable lessons from many delicate and beautiful interactions, experiences, and challenges. Finally, this song describes the power of a word. In this sense, it is through my attempt at a blog that I will be able to capture my life-long goal and keep you all up to date on the notable happenings along this journey. Your influence has greatly contributed to the work I will be doing and I am eager to share these moments with you (as well as perhaps entice you to take a well-needed vacation to Albania).

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  1. My dear friend Stacy,

    I know that living in a different country forces you to grow, and mature a lot faster than you would. Not that you needed any growing or more maturing, lol. What is most interesting is when you get back, the things you are going to realize are not just there while living in Albania. I do not doubt it that other PCV's have said that this is the best experience they have ever had, I am sure it will be a lifelong experience. Enjoy EVERY second of it (I am sure you already are)
    I have not forgotten how to say 'hello' and I have shared that knowledge with my mother and brother, hehehe.
    love hearing from you,

    your friend,